Introducing Illumas
—Objectway's next generation investment management platform

Illumas is designed for the challenges of today’s demanding securities industry. In the current environment, success requires investment managers to keep pace with rapid-fire challenges such as continuing changes in legislation, increasingly demanding customers, and new business processes and investment products.

Unlike dated legacy systems, Illumas provides advanced tools and technology to manage these challenges. Illumas delivers a breakthrough platform for modern investment management with advanced capabilities that will seem light years ahead of your old system.

Illumas provides the essential elements to support Investment Management vitality


Many platforms were and still are built around one-dimensional individual task automation. Illumas in contrast offers next generation business process management tools that integrate and automate all processes seamlessly.

Proactive and predictive, Illumas BPM captures and automates not only user interaction data, but all data flowing within and between different applications and systems.

These automated information flows speed up business processes and help to avoid bottlenecks. As a result, you can provide relevant and timely information to decision makers and risk and compliance officers, while delivering a better customer experience to the investor.


Illumas incorporates advanced integration technology enabling strategic operability:

  • Connections to systems and applications become quicker and easier, streamlining implementation times and costs

  • Integration seamlessly powers the business process management engine to encapsulate and drive operational tasks, through to enveloping operations across the enterprise

  • The platform can be configured to connect systems and data sources commonly used by operational staff into a single ‘hub’ environment

  • The integration layer supports analytics on current data; going beyond limited, stale warehoused data, this feature opens up compelling possibilities in products/ services to investment professionals and customers


Illumas provides powerful analytics technology that is embedded within individual application screens. The platform also includes a separate analytics hub. These tools enhance your investment management data with more depth and dimension, enabling investment management professionals to make decisions based on real-time analysis of data as well as stimulating business process efficiency.

  • Analytics (management information and business intelligence) on current and not just warehoused data

  • Drive intelligent insight to the point of action

  • Illumas includes out-of-the-box investment analytics and also provides the ability to quickly create custom analytic solutions for management, investment professionals, customers, etc.

  • Analytics on structured data (e.g., row/columns, numbers, fields, etc.) and unstructured data (e.g., text) for breakthrough analytics results


By automating information flows and accelerating business processes, Illumas enables true straight-through processing using management by exception.

With Illumas, your data flows from initial trade through final settlement and reconciliation with little to no manual intervention.


At the heart of Illumas is its ability to distribute accurate data to the right individuals at the right time and in the right format.

It manages this in two ways: reactively—for example on-demand MI reporting, distributing rich customer reports at a predetermined time in the future—or proactively through its business intelligence technology to inform individuals of a likely consequence.

Both methods promote customer excellence and operational efficiency.


Illumas is a multi-currency, multi-country, multi-ledger and multi-user platform, which supports and, through its embedded business process management and powerful analytics, drives the entire investment operation.

  • Comprehensive client on-boarding

  • Portfolio management and analysis


In today’s demanding investment management industry, success means more and better services along with new products and technologies. In addition, everything must work faster, better and much more productively. Businesses turn to strategic software solutions to meet these otherwise conflicting goals. Increasingly, investment managers will move away from their old legacy IT systems and turn to new strategic platforms to drive success in this challenging environment.

Inspired by proven experience, and leveraging the latest technologies, Illumas delivers a strategic breakthrough platform for modern investment management.

  • A solution to support investment management operations, front-to-back

  • Actively drive strategies through BPM and STP into consistent, effective execution

  • Built on the most innovative integration platform

  • Ensure best practices are consistently delivered

  • Embedded analytics at the point of action to drive continuous optimization

  • Support online and mobile access

  • Provide multiple focused optimized operations:
    - Investment professionals
    - Customers
    - Operations

Keep pace with rapid changes

In a rapidly changing world you need a solution that is nimble, smart and cost effective. Illumas is a liberating enabler of change. It allows wealth and investment managers to gain competitive advantage by embracing change rather than merely accommodating it.

Illumas enables organisations to embrace:

  • Continuing changes in legislation

  • Increasingly demanding customers

  • New business processes

  • Data as an asset

  • New forms of interaction

  • Promoting competitive advantage