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Few trends have generated as much attention in the financial services industry as digitisation.

We’ve all seen countless surveys, studies and presentations chronicling this rapidly emerging trend and its impact on banks and other financial services providers. Against this backdrop, Objectway and Efma decided to undertake a digitisation study focused on the affluent wealth and investment management industry, a segment where surprisingly little has been written on digitisation.

The study examines five areas where digital technology continues to emerge as a key factor in the affluent wealth and investment management industry. The five areas are: customer centricity; channel interaction; digital mobility; analytics; and social media.

The resulting report explores how affluent wealth and investment managers are harnessing the potential of digitisation in these five areas to manage, retain and increase client wealth. It also presents best-practice case studies of financial institutions that have adopted digitisation to increase operational efficiency, improve regulatory compliance, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Based on a survey of 108 financial services institutions from across 24 countries, the study found that roughly one fifth of wealth and investment managers in the affluent segment are firmly engaged in digitisation; nearly half have recently established, or are in the process of establishing, one or more digital technologies; and just under one tenth have yet to make meaningful inroads in the use of digitisation. In two years, these numbers are expected to change considerably, with all financial institutions having implemented a digital technology programme and more than half expecting to be engaged or fully adopted in the use of digital technologies to serve clients.

“From this data, one thing is clear: digitisation has evolved into a major force within the affluent wealth and investment management sector,” says Peter Schramme, chief business development officer for Objectway. “It is encouraging to see how wealth and investment management service providers are realising the value of digitisation for improving customer centricity and better serving their clients. Surprisingly, however, comparatively few affluent banks and investment firms viewed efficiency and productivity as an equally important benefit or competitive advantage of adopting digital technologies. The potential in this area may represent the greatest and likely the least expected benefits for the affluent wealth and investment management segment going forward.”

The report, Schramme added, is designed to help investment managers benchmark the level of digitisation within their organization. To learn more about the study or Objectway’s digital technologies, please click the link below.