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Objectway chooses Aite Group for strategic advice on industry trends

We're glad to announce our new agreement with Aite Group, the leading independent research and advisory firm delivering advice to key market participants in financial services.

Aite Group will support us to improve our understanding of future market trends and transformations, and to give more value to our solutions through the careful spotting of the most profitable opportunities.

Our new collaboration with Aite will allow us to plan and execute our strategies more quickly and effectively. Aite's market insight and their impressive library of researches and reports about Wealth Management will be precious when looking at the big picture and considering new moves and products, as Objectway keeps widening its international scope in a global market.

Our existing solutions will take advantage of the agreement, too: our product proposition will get even more validation and we we'll leverage on strategic guidance to refine the offering in order to maximise the effectiveness in meeting our clients’ needs.

In announcing this new agreement, we wish to thank Celent for the excellent consulting service provided to Objectway until today. And we look forward to starting a new exciting collaboration with Aite that will accelerate and consolidate at the same time the growth and reputation of Objectway. From tomorrow morning.