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London – 3 December, 2015


Objectway, an Italian headquartered technology vendor who provides software and services to the EMEA investment management industry, demonstrated its Conectus platform as a way to implement a hybrid model of investing - a mixture of engagement with both technology and advisors.

Speaking on 2 December at Objectway's International Customer Conference in London, Michele Tanzi, client solutions director at Objectway, spoke about the importance of clients' goal based investments and how they could be implemented through Conectus.

Using the Conectus software on an iPad, Tanzi demonstrated how a goals based approach could be related to an investment strategy. He demoed a typical goal of a client by entering in a target of buying a property in London. The amount of capital that was available to invest, alongside a timescale was also submitted. The software then returned a potential asset allocation, with associated risk rating, based upon this goal. After the client input stage, the information is then sent to the advisor where a more detailed solution can be proposed - thus illustrating the process of the hybrid model.

Tanzi said that the importance of goal based investments is that it "places clients at the centre" where they are far more involved in the decision making process. He also suggested that establishing a client's goals was also beneficial to advisors, as they would be better equipped to offer more bespoke advice.

Objectway's technology propositions are clearly aimed at implementing a hybrid model as opposed to automated technology solutions. He suggested that a hybrid model is a more beneficial strategy as opposed to robo-advisory services, suggesting that the passive management approach of robo-advisors was not true financial advice. Tanzi also said that the traditional approach of only having personal interactions with advisors was not sufficient for the current day, where wealth management clients have a significant requirement for technology provisions.