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Objectway’s award-winning Wealth in One front-to back-office solution is now even more comprehensive due to the addition of ClientEngage, a new CRM module. ClientEngage streamlines the client engagement process—from campaign management & prospecting, through data gathering, profiling and finally onboarding. With ClientEngage, wealth management and stockbroking firms can actively manage the entire client onboarding and relationship management lifecycle using the fully hosted Wealth in One system in full compliance with KYC, suitability and MiFiD II regulations.

We designed ClientEngage to help wealth management and stockbroking firms comply with regulations requiring greater transparency in the investment process. But it’s not only regulators who are clamoring for increased transparency; investors expect it as well. In addition to increased visibility into their investments, clients want greater value, choice and convenience—starting with the onboarding process.

With the rise of digital technologies, they also want an integrated, interactive and consistent experience, regardless of the channels they choose. ClientEngage and other Wealth In One functionality seamlessly integrates with Conectus, Objectway’s digital engagement solution. With the use of MS Dynamics, ClientEngage enables you to meet these rising client expectations with consolidated onboarding information, fact finding tools, suitability reviews and alerting, which complement the Conectus collaboration tools such as client/advisor video calls, chat, document sharing, comment exchange, and co-browsing. Together, these features give clients the insights they demand—from their first advisor interactions—within an interactive, innovative and omnichannel environment.

Finally, beyond rising regulations and customer expectations, one additional force is causing wealth management and stockbroking firms to revisit their client engagement processes: efficiency. The typical process of acquiring and onboarding a client is full of product-based silos, and, in many cases, the same client must be onboarded multiple times into disparate systems. Because the underlying systems are not integrated, the process can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly. Lowering the total cost of client acquisition is one reason CIOs have begun to focus on improving onboarding productivity and operational efficiencies.

The seamless integration of Wealth in One across all modules—from ClientEngage, to Conectus, to the eXimius portfolio management module to the Altimis back office—means there are no silos in the investment process. The result is a highly efficient and connected process where investment data is consistent and easily shared across all channels in real time.